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My Book List

These are all of the books I've read with links to any notes or reviews of those books. This list is not exhaustive of every book I've read. I've selected certain books to add to the list, if I felt there was value in doing so. Here, you should find a concise assessment of each work and some essential information to locate the book for yourself, if you want to read it as well.

Need to fill in takeaways on each of these books and finish adding books to the list. Also consider whether or not to use "year read" as a category. How will I sort these as this list gets longer?

The Power of Habit


Family Worship


Gentle and Lowly


Deep Work


  • Year Read: 2020
  • My Book Notes: Deep Work (Newport, 2016)Deep Work (Newport, 2016)
    Main Takeway
    Newport's book is an excellent read on the current state of knowledge work, and more broadly on anyone in a white collar role. In particular, I think there is a large amount of overlap between those of us who serve in ministry roles and the strains and pressures on attention that Newport notes.

    This book is one I would quickly recommend to anyone whose work requires thoughtful prodcution of content. This is true for pastors, academics, ministry strategists, and even the growing ...
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Digital Minimalism